How you give yourself false hope after score within the first 25 minutes​Then you remember same thing happened during the first leg in germany

Lemme come and be going

We always have that friend who support  a rival team reminding us we need three more goals 

Bros 1-0 sef na winning

How optimistic you become  ‘sanchez will score seven goals in two minutes’

Yeah we turning on our super hero mode

But history just can’t stop repeating it self

Arsenal is bae

Then its started raining goallllllllls

Hmmmm for my house again?????????

Then the proff tells you he uses his best players

Is like your brain is not functioning well

Then manchester united fans giving  you advice on how to face your opponent in the  champions league

Egbon europa is thursday wait for your mate

Those facebook pages cant even keep a secret

Your bestie who support eyimba self will troll you

Sorry for your lost gunners next season is another opportunity .

At least now you can focus on hiring siasia and qualifying for champions league lols​


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