Real Truth About 08030004900 No. KillingPeople 

Gud evening ,i hope u guys ave heard dat d police
saved anoda woman tryn to jump into d lagoon
today..pls my sisters dis is d number calling
dem..08030004900…i didnt really blive until a
friend tld me d number called her nd started sayn
sum enchantment and d nxt thing she heard waz
tld to 08030004900 kill her self wit any possible
means she has…d same number called her friends
broda in skul nd if nt for her friend’s broda
roommated dat stop him..he wud ave stabbed
himself wit d knife in his pls sisters lets
pass dis information..nd lets also b prayerful..d
was d same number dat called dat doctor dat
jumped into d lagoon too…
Pls don’t pick calls from d number
Two of my course mates were saved cos dey
missed d call

However, there is no truth behind this,
It is an MTN NG no. For promotional messages,
that’s the reason why it can’t be called.
The short code is 4900, instead of calling with
4900 which many users won’t pick up, the
08030004900 was introduced.
I myself have picked the call recently, you hear a
promotional message and it’s not in any way
related to the lagoon – suicide.


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